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Our Kneelers

The last Sunday of Epiphany in 2002 was our first Sunday to enjoy our beautiful  new communion kneelers. They were designed and painted by Nancy Keating and stitched by twenty some Epiphanites and friends of the parish. Depicting the six day creation story (Genesis 1:1-1 - 2:3), all of the flora and fauna presented are (or were) in Georgia: peaches, shore birds, kudzu, azaleas, Willie B.(Atlanta Zoo's late, beloved silverback gorilla), Martin Luther King, Jr., and even a Falcons player (in a somewhat dated helmet).

The kneelers took 12 years to complete and should last a good thirty years or more. (And yes, children who are small may still stand on them to receive communion.)

Our Nimble Needlepointers:

Audrey Banfield, Emilou Barnes, Bobbie Campbell, Sam Cartledge, Janet Coats, Lee Eberhart, Elsie Gore, Pat Graves, Elsie Henderson, Lissa Jackson, Claiborne Jones, Nancy Keating, Laura Keys, Michelle MacLeod, Alice Malcolm, Betty Mundy, Janet Patterson, Betsy Ragsdale, Wally Stein, Katharine Yntema

Thanks to Wally Stein for the photos!


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