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3 kings painting

Art Ministry

The Art Ministry is about providing emerging artists a venue to showcase their work through monthly exhibits in our gallery. Over the years, we have exhibited many parishioners work including painting, photography and mixed media, as well as work by many other local artists. God’s bounty of creation is shared through these diverse and changing exhibits that also include art from Emmaus House and Holy Comforter, art related to the church calendar and visual supports for Adult Education programs. In the case of diocesan groups, they benefit by receiving 100% of any sales. By exhibiting their creative work, other artists receive more exposure and opportunity for sales. Our parish benefits by having interesting work that enhances our space and by retaining 25% of any sales.

The work of the ministry includes: finding and scheduling the artists, installing their work in our gallery, introducing the artist through articles in The Epiphany Star, and accounting of sales. At the end of each calendar year, annual profits are distributed toward needs (mostly with a visual component) in the parish as determined by the committee and the Rector. In the past Art Ministry profits have gone to Vacation Bible School, Outreach, new vestments for our clergy and a wireless microphone system for the church.

Liefy Smith, 404.378.3356

Now Showing

Epiphany’s Art Ministry welcomes for March 2017

LaCorazones Valientes

LaCorazones Valientes, a Costa Rican folk art cooperative with 8 women members, will be showing their work at the Church of the Epiphany for the month of March. The show can be seen on Sundays between 9 and noon, and during the week if you contact the parish office.

There will be an opening celebration on Saturday March 4, from 4 to 6 p.m. Becky McElroy, who manages the artists, will also be present Sunday March 5, 2017, between services. Please come to look at the paintings and have a light snack!

Any questions, please contact Becky Hart McElroy (404.398.3726). 

25% of all sales benefit Epiphany.
Please make checks to LaCorazones Valientes


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies bring your checkbooks
A special sales coming to Epiphany’s Art Ministry

Millinery by  Angela Kang

One day only – Sunday, April 2, 2017
8:30- 11:30 in the gallery

Perfect time for an Easter Hat or Derby Hat!

As Atlanta's "Queen of Hats, "Angela Kang's vision is to blend Southern charm and style with Asian practicality and detail in all her accessory designs. Her handmade original creations - reflected in the hair-band based fascinator line - aim for casual and playful sophistication that is easy to wear.  Since launching Queen Kang in 2012, her fascinators have been featured at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the Sugar Art and fashion show, and artist's markets. 

Prior to relocation to Atlanta, Angela studied interior and fashion design in Korea and Australia and worked as a fashion designer for several midsized companies creation women's wear lines for the international market.  Fashion has taken her all over Asia and to Europe, such as researching trends in Japan and Hong Kong and overseeing production in China and Vietnam.
This depth of practical experience has shaped Angela's point of view, leading her to create hats that not only delight and inspire but stand out as proven sellers in the marketplace.

Angela creates custom pieces for weddings as well.  Please stop by to meet this talented artist. She was a big hit when she came 3 years ago and many attendees wore her creations to the Emmaus House Gala.


Epiphany’s Art Ministry
welcomes for the month of April

photography from Israel and Palestine
by Katie Archibald

“Through the Checkpoint”

is a multimedia project providing vision and voice to life lived amidst occupation in Palestine/Israel, created in partnership with the nonprofit Creative Visions.  The project is serving in tandem with ongoing efforts to foster justice and peace for all living in the Palestinian-Israeli region by the continued call for equity, end of human rights abuses, and the pursuit of a coexistence without occupation. 

My hope is to help our global community gain a fuller picture of life in Palestine/Israel and compel viewers to join movements to end a dehumanizing status quo and catalyze peace and equity for Palestinians, Bedouins, and Jewish Israelis alike.  

To learn more you can experience life "Through The Checkpoint" on my blog: http://www.lifeilluminated.com/through-the-checkpoint/

Please make checks payable to Katie Archibald
25% of all sales benefits Epiphany

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