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  • Liefy Smith, Curator


Custom Wreaths by Beth Beck

(sister of parishioner Liefy Smith)

March/April 2021

Gallery Hours


View the Exhibit online 24/7. Click any image to open the Gallery View.


View the Exhibit in-person on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-5 p.m. and following the following COVID guidelines: Visit is limited to the Gallery and office if you are making a purchase. Sign-in and sign-out of the visitor's log. Masks and social distancing are required at all times.


Remember - 25% of all sales benefit Epiphany.


Payment - Make checks out directly to the artist. No cash please.

Exhibit Notes


  • All wreaths are 25" - 27" in diameter.

  • Most wreaths have a duplicate available if the one in the exhibit sells. Other wreaths can be recreated. Sign up on the price sheet for should the wreath you wanted is already sold.

  • Custom Wreaths are also available. Sign up on the list and Beth will give you a quote.

1 - He is Risen
He is Risen
*If sold, a similar one can be made
2 - Fernglade
*If sold, a similar one can be made
3 - Cotton and Magnolia
Cotton and Magnolia
*If sold, duplicates are available
4 - Stripes and Green
Stripes and Green
*If sold, a similar one can be made
5 - Slice of Summer
Slice of Summer
*If sold, duplicates are available
6 - American Pride
American Pride
*If sold, duplicates are available
7 - Flag Mesh with Battery Star lights
Flag Mesh with Battery Star lights
*If sold, duplicates are available
8 - Georgia  Bulldog Fan
Georgia Bulldog Fan
*If sold, duplicates are available
9 - The Face of Halloween
The Face of Halloween
*If sold, duplicates are available
10 - Bountiful Autumn
Bountiful Autumn
*If sold, duplicates are available
11 - SOLD*
Liefy's Custom Christmas
*If sold, a similar one can be made
12 - Christmas Bright
Christmas Bright
If sold, a similar one can be made
13 - SOLD*
Boxwood wreath with 5 changeable season ribbons
*If sold, duplicates are available
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Custom Wreaths Available


I love floral design because it is the perfect converse to my left brain focus and is my refuge from computer work into the land of color, softness and the wonder of nature and it makes me feel marvelous to create something that brings a smile.

Artist Résumé

My profession as a software design program manager for 25 years limited my time for other creative pursuits until the last 7 years. I love floral design because it is the perfect converse to my left brain focus and is my refuge from computer work into the land of color, softness and the wonder of nature and it makes me feel marvelous to create something that brings a smile. For years I have adored flowers and I enjoyed putting together container gardens and garden beds. It’s like magic… flower therapy! I believe I inherited this love of flowers from my mother who loved to garden. I have always enjoyed decorating my house for every ‘season’ such as Valentines, Mardi Gras, Easter, Memorial Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

One day my daughter graduated with a degree in Floral Design and upon graduation moved back home and started designing wedding florals. I was her ‘helper’ and it started rubbing off on me. We created bouquets, floral arrangements, arbors, wreaths, garlands, etc.


After my daughter married and moved to Texas, I was left with a void. I missed all the flower fun! What to do? I am a member of PEO, a nationwide ladies’ group that raise money to give scholarships to women to go to college. I started making SEC Football Team wreaths for PEO to sell because I live in Alabama surrounded by football fans.

 I soon found ribbon and mesh to be as fun as flowers… so many awesome choices. The SEC wreaths took off so I ventured into florals and the rest is history.

My husband Damon, who makes furniture and keeps honeybees, built my wreath cabinets for me. My business cards (attached to each wreath) reflect all of our ‘hobbies’ gone wild. I live in Madison, Alabama on 3+ acres with my husband, my collie dog, Jackson; my cattle dog, Shay, and a grey kitty named Gully.


The Art Ministry is about providing emerging artists a venue to showcase their work through monthly exhibits in our gallery. Over the years, we have exhibited many parishioners work including painting, photography and mixed media, as well as work by many other local artists. God’s bounty of creation is shared through these diverse and changing exhibits that also include art from Emmaus House and Holy Comforter, art related to the church calendar and visual supports for Adult Education programs. In the case of diocesan groups, they benefit by receiving 100% of any sales. By exhibiting their creative work, other artists receive more exposure and opportunity for sales. Our parish benefits by having interesting work that enhances our space and by retaining 25% of any sales.

The work of the ministry includes:

  • finding and scheduling the artists

  • installing their work in our gallery

  • introducing the artist through articles in The Epiphany Star

  • accounting of sales.


At the end of each calendar year, annual profits are distributed toward needs (mostly with a visual component) in the parish as determined by the committee and the Rector. In the past Art Ministry profits have gone to Vacation Bible School, Outreach, new vestments for our clergy and a wireless microphone system for the church.


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