Our Gallery provides a space for emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their work through monthly exhibits. If you are an artist or want to recommend someone to show in our gallery, please contact our curator.

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  • Liefy Smith, Curator


Mixed Media paintings by Jolie Smallwood

for October 2022

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Sunday mornings following the 10 a.m. service.


Monday - Thursday
10 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 2 - 4 p.m.

​COVID Protocols - Masks are optional, social distancing is encouraged.

Payment - Make checks out directly to the artist. No cash please.

Remember - 25% of all sales benefit Epiphany.


Jolie Smallwood’s vibrant, complex paintings combine the unrestrained exuberance of abstract expressionism with the rigor of an architectural blueprint. Her art dazzles with all the virtues of random, free-form composition. But when you look closer, at the interplay of gridlines, distinct geometric forms, and multiple textures; glimpsing the subtle but deliberate connections that unite the various elements, you realize there’s more here than meets the eye. Jolie works mainly with acrylic paint, along with charcoal, pastels, and pencil—each of which serves a distinct function. The pastels add color and depth, charcoal adds shadow and contrast, and the pencil is for detail. Space, order, rhythm, and movement are the building blocks for Jolie’s compositions, inspired in part by the intricacies of the built world. Not coincidentally, she is a trained architect with many years of professional experience. “My paintings are unintentionally influenced by my immersion in architectural materials,” she says. “People usually associate architecture with a precise, fairly technical methodology, but the process of generating building design is actually loose and intuitive, where initially you’re not concerned with a specific outcome—just like my painting.” While no one would confuse any of Jolie’s paintings with a blueprint, she has definitely borrowed some “tricks of the trade” where marks on paper correlate to gigantic objects that exist(or will exist) in the material world. Which is to say: painting to scale and depicting three dimensions in a two-dimensional medium are signature features of her art. Layering is key to achieving this effect, with, for example, lighter elements in a composition reading as further away and darker ones in the forefront. Jolie’s paintings are still but never static; in a sense, moving targets, with multiple, overlapping features of which the viewer may only glimpse partially, if at all—depending on the time of day, one’s state of mind, etc., giving the work an air of mystery and the aura of a plan, a coherent arrangement, that may or may not be discernable.

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The Art Ministry is about providing emerging artists a venue to showcase their work through monthly exhibits in our gallery. Over the years, we have exhibited many parishioners work including painting, photography and mixed media, as well as work by many other local artists. God’s bounty of creation is shared through these diverse and changing exhibits that also include art from Emmaus House and Holy Comforter, art related to the church calendar and visual supports for Adult Education programs. In the case of diocesan groups, they benefit by receiving 100% of any sales. By exhibiting their creative work, other artists receive more exposure and opportunity for sales. Our parish benefits by having interesting work that enhances our space and by retaining 25% of any sales.

The work of the ministry includes:

  • finding and scheduling the artists

  • installing their work in our gallery

  • introducing the artist through articles in The Epiphany Star

  • accounting of sales.


At the end of each calendar year, annual profits are distributed toward needs (mostly with a visual component) in the parish as determined by the committee and the Rector. In the past Art Ministry profits have gone to Vacation Bible School, Outreach, new vestments for our clergy and a wireless microphone system for the church.