The Endowment Board and the Endowment Fund were created by the Vestry in response to the identified need to plan financially for the Church's long range future through planned giving. To ensure the ability to continue with grants in years to come, donations to the Fund must increase.

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  • If you would like to become a member of the Magi Foundation, please contact Bonnie Kissler, chair of the Endowment Committee.

  • Doug Runnion, Vestry Liaison


Endowment Fund Grant Application

Grants may be for Capital Improvements; scholarships or grants to members; or Community Outreach Projects. Application period is from January 26 - February 26, 2019.


As Christians, we focus not only on the here and now, but also the hereafter. However, with the oftentimes hectic pace of our lives, it is easy to forget, or to put off until "tomorrow", the planning needed today for that future - especially when it comes to financial considerations and the legacy we wish to provide for those who follow us. Many people are not aware of the ability to provide for their church in their future planning. However, bequests, charitable remainder trusts and other planned gifts can be quite easy to arrange. Moreover, such planning might help a donor avoid estate taxes and even, in some cases, provide life income. Remarkably, approximately half of all Americans die without a will or trust in place. In addition, and even more surprising, for those who have created a will or trust, only 6% make a provision for a charity.

The Endowment Board of the Church of the Epiphany is working to bring attention to the importance of considering the Church in one's future financial planning and, through such awareness, to build Epiphany's Endowment Fund from planned gifts. From the Endowment Fund, grants are provided that further the ministries of Epiphany. Each year the Board recommends to the Vestry endowment grants from the Fund in accordance with the Plan of Operation of the Endowment Fund.


In addition to grants, The Magi Foundation is an important aspect of The Endowment Fund program. The purpose of The Magi Foundation is to thank, recognize and honor individuals who have made provisions for the Church in their will or by other means of planned gift, such as a life insurance policy or charitable remainder trust.


The Epiphany Endowment Board believes that opportunities for new giving will result from educating church members about methods and possibilities for planned giving and the ease and convenience of certain opportunities. If you wish to learn more about (i) giving to the Endowment Fund and becoming a member of The Magi Foundation, (ii) how to become active with the Endowment Board, or (iii) applying for a grant from the Endowment Fund, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Endowment Board.

Endowment Board Members

Bonnie Kissler, Chair

Brian Gross

Pam Hall

Gretchen Maclachlan

Susan Moody

Eric Schulz


​(The driveway is off of East Lake Road)

  • The Episcopal Church of the Epiphany is a parish in the Diocese of Atlanta, which serves the Episcopal Church in Middle and North Georgia.

  • Our diocese is part of the Episcopal Church, which is currently led by the Most Reverend Michael Curry, 27th Presiding Bishop.

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